Central Columbia Agricultural Science Senior Attends School of Excellency

Last Updated: 8/13/2018 5:33 PM

During the Summer of 2018, Central Columbia Senior Bryndil Kemler, an Agricultural/Environmental Science Student and Chapter Officer attended the School for Excellency in Agricultural Sciences at The Pennsylvania State University.  During her four week stay on the University Park campus, Bryndil experienced the college classroom as she attended courses associated to topics in the agricultural/environmental field such as: plant science, animal science, food science and international agriculture.  For her research and presentation, Bryndil researched and presented information on Chile agriculture and the overall importance of that industry to the country's existence.  During her time, Bryndil networked with many university and governmental officials such as: Secretary of Agriculture, Mr. Russ Redding, Secretary for the Department of Environmental Protection, Mr. Patrick McDonnell and Secretary of Education, Mr. Pedro Rivera.  Bryndil experienced many great learning opportunities and for her efforts she was awarded a Borlaug Scholar status for her research on Chile Agriculture. Congratulations and thank you for representing Central Columbia in such a positive manner.

Here Bryndil Kemler, center of photo, poses prior to her presentation on Chile Agriculture at the School for Excellency in Agricultural Sciences.

In this photo, Bryndil Kemler (center of photo) poses after being awarded the Borlaug Scholar Certificate.

Here, Bryndil Kemler (right of photo) having fun during a farm visit at Penn State University during the School for Excellency in Agricultural Sciences.

Bryndil Kemler, right in photo, poses with plants utilized in cover cropping during one of her classes.