Agricultural Science IV Class Presses Cider

Last Updated: 11/27/2018 2:22 PM

On Tuesday, November 20, 2018; students in the Ag Science IV course put to use the knowledge they have gained thus far in their  course work in regards to the current unit of study onPollinators.  Students have learned about the importance of pollinators in agriculture and the environment and have learned the different varieties of apples existing within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. On Tuesday students placed their knowledge into real life experiences as they pressed cider in the Food Science lab, evaluated the product and finally consumed their "work of art".

Here Mr. Turner, Agricultural Science Instructor, provides direction to Haley Morris (12th grade) and Kay Riffindifil (12th grade) on the proper washing method of apples prior to cutting and pressing for cider.

In this photo, Levi Kulp (12th grade), Garrett Engler (12th grade), Jonah Klock (12th grade) and Gage Lupini work to press apples during the apple pressing lab in Ag Science IV during the Pollinators Unit.

Here Codi Young (12th grade), Mackzenie Fish (12th grade) and Isaac Gensemer (12th grade) prepare apples for pressing by cutting the apples in half and removing "bad spots."