Environmental Science Class Conduct Soil Texture Lab

Last Updated: 1/15/2019 1:15 PM

During the week of 1-7-19, students in the Environmental Science class began their study of soils, soil horizons, soil profile and soil texture.  Students performed many lab activities that exposed them to the world of soil science.  One of those activities was that of the three day lab on soil texture where students performed many tasks associated with properly identifying soil properties in order to identify soil type.

Here Cody Lehman (11th grade) and Josh Reifer (12th grade) perform a soil particle size activity in which they needed to sieve a soil sample to determine the different soil particle sizes that existed within the sample.

In this photo, Issac Gensemer (12th grade) and Trae Devlin (12th grade) perform a hardness test to determine soil particle hardness in order to classify the soil sample for proper identification.