Agricultural Science III Class Creates Venison Jerky

Last Updated: 1/16/2019 2:32 PM

During the past two weeks, students enrolled in the Agricultural Science class at Central Columbia High School have been actively studying in the Meat Science Unit of our curriculum learning about the different phases of the meat industry.  One of those sections is the hands-on portion of creating venison jerky. Students learned the processes utilized to create quality food products, the proper operation of the equipment for creating jerky and it preservation and packaging methods.

John Fought (11th grade), Josh Cohen (11th grade) and Julia Priestman (11th grade) prepare ground venison onto dehydration trays for placement into the food dehydrator.

Here Hope Maxein, Riley Oman, Veronica Birster, Hunter Valles, Garrett Arnold and Matt Turner are actively working in our Food Science lab preparing venison in various stages of packaging to dehydration.