Environmental Science Class Conducts Labs

Last Updated: 2/8/2019 3:08 PM

Students at Central Columbia High School who are enrolled in the Environmental Science course conducted two labs over the past week involving slope and mineral identification.  Students have been studying soil composition, soil forming factors and soil management techniques in the Soils Unit of the course.  Students learned about slope and its effect on erosion, vegetative growth and the importance of cover crops to maintain proper soil health.

Here Codi Young (12th grade) performs a slope evaluation utilizing an Abney level as part of the Slope Lab.

Josh Reifer (12th grade) and Cody Lehman (11th grade) work together in measuring slope of a pre-determined location using an Abney level in the Soils Unit of the course.

Trent Kaiser and Josh Reifer work together to successfully identify different types of metamorphic rocks.  This lab also addressed the formation of different rock specimens.

Here Isaac Gensemer (12th grade) performs a mineral evaluation as part of the Mineral and Rock Identification Lab.