Bloomsburg University ACE Program

Last Updated: 11/24/2020 2:38 PM

ACE Program Enrollment Agreement**

  • Eligibility Requirement Checklist
    • ___The student is a high school senior.
    • ___The Student has a minimum GPA of 90% at the time of scheduling.
    • ___The student is on track and is making satisfactory progress to complete all required courses and sequences through the approved Central Columbia School District’s curriculum.
    • ___The student must be proficient on the Algebra, Literature & Biology Keystone Exams (for Spring enrollment only).
      • Students who are not proficient and are enrolled in the Fall courses at Bloomsburg University need to complete remediation in order to schedule for the Spring semester.
    • ___The student will have no significant disciplinary or attendance issues that would prevent the student from attending classes on an independent basis during, and/or after the school day.
    • ___The student must have parental permission to participate and have a parent signed release of grades/information. CLICK HERE


**These criteria apply to students who wish to take ACE courses during the school day.  These criteria do not apply to students who would like to take summer/evening classes through ACE.


 If you have any questions regarding the ACE program, please call Karen Murtin, coordinator of the program at (570) 389-4824.

Students who are enrolled in the ACE program should CLICK HERE to schedule.