Central Columbia Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP)

What is ESAP?
The Central Columbia Elementary Student Assistance Program is a team of faculty, staff, and local human services agency personnel.  Their job is to identify the needs of the students at Central Columbia Elementary School, and refer the students in need of additional support to outside programs.  The team has been professionally trained in matters of dealing with the identification of student's needs and the removal of barriers to learning within the school environment.

Facts about ESAP

- ESAP is confidential
- ESAP is behaviorally-based
- ESAP does not diagnose or treat the child
- ESAP will help link the child and family with services through local agencies/ programs
- ESAP is supported by the Department of Education
- ESAP regards input from the school faculty and staff as a vital part of the information gathering stage of the process
- ESAP is a new program to the state of Pennsylvania thus Central Columbia Elementary School is one of the few schools in the state with    the privilege of having an ESAP program organized to help our students

What are the signs that a student may be an appropriate referral to ESAP?

- Poor attendance in school
- Inability to concentrate on school work
- Lack of impulse control with peers
- Suspected drug or alcohol use
- Talk of age-inappropriate peers
- Withdrawal from friends
- Drastic change in appearance
- Sudden drop in grades
- Excessive hyperactivity
- Crying (with unknown causes)
- Mood swings (extreme highs and lows)
**** If you see any of the above signs, please contact the ESAP team immediately****

Who can contact the ESAP team?
Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff, Coaches, and Concerned Community Members.