School Safety message sent to all Central Teachers and Staff from Superintendent Harry Mathia

School Safety

Superintendent Harry Mathias and Retired State Police Captain Jim Murtin are co-leading the safety planning process.  Teachers and Staff will be receiving information and training on future procedural and facility improvements.  Students will be made aware as applicable and appropriate.  

The following has taken place:

  • Cleared the main hallway in the HS of the congregation before school
  • Staffed front and rear doors in HS with scheduled faculty
  • Restricted access to HS until 7:15 AM when doors are staffed
  • Conducted HS student assembly to announce anticipation of new safety measures
  • Met with South Centre Twp Police for initial school emergency drill
  • PA State Police have conducted walk-through of all CCSD schools
  • PA State Police have held a school shooter scenario workshop with for key staff
  • Conducted school shooter video viewing with South Centre Township Police for all three schools
  • Conducted video follow-up faculty meetings in all three schools to answer questions and accept suggestions and provide guidance
  • Updated crisis team membership in all schools
  • Reinforced parking permit mandate
  • Coached all front office staff about a stricter standard of verifying and challenging all visitors before entry to the buildings.
  • Have welcomed and encouraged local police, Sheriff’s office and PA State Police for walk and drive-throughs on a regular basis
  • Provided local and state police with updated and sufficient supply of electric key cards/fobs for building access
  • Pursued the requirements for the establishment of school police force
  • Reviewed FEMA website for possible Incident Command Center training for key staff
  • Assessed and resolved Public Address speaker “dead spots” in HS
  • Changed campus radio channel selection for administrative staff to communicate
  • Conducted tests of radio channel communication
  • Conducted student/parent drop off and pick up process assessment at all schools
  • Met with facility security specialists to discuss facilities and planning
  • Newly enrolled students are introduced by e-mail to all faculty and staff
  • Helpdesk ticket submitted for updated ID photos of all students on Sapphire, student information system
  • Conducted radio needs assessment for all CCSD schools
  • Conducted classroom phone by phone testing for operability in HS – expected to schedule MS and ES to do same
  • Met with MASS leadership to facilitate the relationship between group and parents
  • Requested parent information link to be created on CCSD websites—to be developed
  • Implemented daily internet site review process
  • Created new lockdown announcements with tones
  • Distributed PA State Police RVAT team after-action reports to administration

We continue to develop our procedures and plans and will communicate finalized plans as soon as possible.



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