Student Drop-Off Procedure

Student Drop Off

Student Drop Off Procedure

Due to the increased volume of traffic in both the CCMS and CCES morning student drop-off lane, we offer the following instructions to follow to allow to ensure the safety of your student and provide for a smooth flow of traffic in the drop-off lane:

Consider sending your student to school on the school bus.  The bus has been determined to be the most effective mode of transportation to get your student to school safe and on time.

If you drive your student to school:

Leave early to ensure you are on time to allow your student to be in their first period classroom by the starting bell. Travelling through our parking lot or drop-off traffic lane at excessive speeds to “make the bell” is strictly prohibited.

Have your student prepare themselves and their belonging to depart safely but quickly once your vehicle has been directed to stop and drop-off by CC staff or school police.

Follow the designated traffic route for drop-off. Do not cut through parking stalls or other traffic lanes, or cut in front of vehicles already in line.

When preparing to drop off, pull up to the farthest location available as instructed by staff and police. Ensure you are at a complete stop before the student attempts to exit your vehicle.

Parents are strongly encouraged to remain in the vehicle when their student exits the vehicle and allow staff, if necessary, to assist your student in exiting .

Students shall exit vehicles from the right (passenger) side of the vehicle closest to the sidewalk curbing.

Once the student exits the vehicle, that vehicle shall remain in the line until those vehicles immediately in front of it depart.  Pulling out of line to pass stopped vehicles in front of your vehicle is strictly prohibited unless directed by school police.

It is preferred vehicles stay in the traffic line to drop-off their student rather than park in the lot.  This would eliminate students being at risk walking through the drop-off line and allow police to concentrate on maintaining a steady flow of traffic in the lane rather than stopping traffic repeatedly for students crossing through.

Those who arrive after the starting bell shall proceed to the front office with their student and sign them in late.

We believe these instructions will increase the possibility of every Central student getting to school safely and on time.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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