Pathways To Success Planner

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This booklet has been developed to guide you for your future career planning and course selection. Choosing your future is one of the most exciting and challenging decisions you will make. You have the opportunity to choose your future, not leave it to chance or luck. Planning for your future will give you a better chance for reaching that goal.  Click the link below to open or download the Pathway To Success Planner:

Course Catalog Your Pathway to Success Planner 

Here is a sneak peek at what's inside...

Pathways to Success:  Connecting Careers, Curriculum, and Character Education

What Are Career Pathways?
Each Pathway is a broad grouping of careers that share similar characteristics and whose employment requirements call for many common interests, strengths and competencies. A chosen Pathway focuses a student’s elective courses and offers Post-Secondary Preparation for All.

The 5 Pathway Options:  Holland Types and Pathways Matches

  1. Pathway - Arts and Communications
  2. Pathway - Business, Finance, Marketing and Information Technology
  3. Pathway - Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Technology
  4. Pathway - Human Services
  5. Pathway - Agri-Science, Science and Health

Why Should I Choose A Career Pathway?

  • To help focus on a career area that matches interests in high school
  • To help set goals and discover classes necessary to achieve those goals
  • To create career awareness and encourage planning for post-secondary education and opportunities
  • To provide knowledge that relates your high school education to the world after graduation

How Do I Choose A Career Pathway?
You will research various career fields in 8th grade and designated career development activities such as Futures I in 9th grade.  Your counselors, parents, and teachers can assist you with this choice.  You can also complete the self-assessment in the Career Planning Guide.

Will There Be Any Changes In My Major Academic Studies?
No, you will still take all required core courses at AP, Honors, and Academic levels. You will still follow the graduation requirements listed.

Graduation Requirements:
The student must successfully complete the course sequence in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health/Phyical Education and World Language:

This four-year plan of study should serve as a guide as you develop your academic core requirements and electives.  All plans should meet CCHS graduation requirements.
                                9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
(choose 1)
*English 9 or
Honors English 9
*English 10 or
Honors English 10
*English 11 or
Honors English 11
*English Elective
(total of 4 credits before graduation)
(choose 1)
*Algebra I or
Algebra II or
Geometry or
Honors Geometry
*Algebra II or
Geometry or
Math Electives
*Geometry or
Math Electives
*Math Electives
(total of 4 credits before graduation)
(choose 1)
*Physical Science or
Honors Biology
*Biology or
*Chemistry or
*Science Electives
(total of 4 credits before graduation)
Social Studies
(choose 1)
*American History or
AP US Government
*Modern World History or
AP European History
*Modern American
History I & II or
AP US History
*Social Studies Electives
(total of 4 credits before graduation)
  *Physical Education *Physical Education *Physical Education  
  *World Language *World Language    
  *Futures I *Futures II *Futures III  
  *Art Appreciation &
Music Appreciation
*Health Education    
  Pathway Electives
(up to 1.5 credits)
Pathway Electives
(up to 1.5 credits)
Pathway Electives
(up to 3.0 credits)
Pathway Electives
(up to 5.0 credits)
Note:  The recommended pathway electives are to be used as a guide.  Students must take at least 4 credits in their chosen pathway and 2 credits outside of their chosen pathway to meet graduation requirements.
Courses above are graduation requirements (*)

Other Information You Will Find Inside:
Additional Information and Resources
(Dual Enrollment/College Courses, Advanced Placement, Minimum Credit Requirements, Failed Courses, Promotion Policy, Course Dropping Procedures)
Guidance Services and Counselors
(Academic Services, Personal and Social Services, Career Development) Pathways to Success Planning Guide
Philosophy of Education, Inside Back Cover