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What you need to know about registering with Selective Service

  • What is selective service?   – The Selective Service System is a government agency whose job is to provide additional staffing for the Armed Forces in the event of a national emergency.
  • Who is required to register?  – The law says all 18 year-old men, including U.S. citizens living abroad and noncitizen immigrant males 18 – 25 residing in the US must register.  The only young men exempt from registration are noncitizen males who are in the US temporarily as tourists, diplomats and their family members, foreign exchange students, incarcerated or institutionalized men, men on Active duty in the Armed Forces and students at US military academies.
  • What if I don’t register?  – You are breaking the law.  If prosecuted, you could be sent to prison for up to 5 years and fined up to $250,000.  In addition, if you fail to register, you can’t qualify for federal student grants or loans for college, job training benefits and many state and federal jobs.
  • When should I register?  – Within 30 days of your 18th birthday.  If you can’t register on time because you’re hospitalized or in prison, you have 30 days in which to register after you are released.  If 30 days have already passed since your 18th birthday, register immediately, either online or at you post office.  Although Selective service will accept a late registration, the longer you  wait, the longer you’re breaking the law and jeopardizing your future benefits.


For more information about careers in the military visit any or all of these sites: local recruiter Idalia Williams (570)455-4201 local recruiter Idalia Williams (570)455-4201 local recruiter Daniel Hill (570) 374-7774 local recruiter  Karisa Marchlinski (570)275-7450 local recruiter Miguel Thormes (570) 374-6100  


To view the military’s FUTURES Magazine visit the Guidance Office.  This publication has lots of useful information as well as personal experiences of actual members of the Armed Forces.