College Plan

The College Planning Timeline

Sophomore Year-

  • PSAT in Ocotober (register at Guidance)
  • Results of PSAT in to students in December
  • Apply for extened time on standardized tests (see counselor or special educator)
  • Explore potential careers:
  • Take COPS (identifies career interests)
  • Take ASVAB (identifies abilities)
  • Pathway electives

Junior Year – Fall

  • PSAT
  • National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Time in October
  • Results of PSAT to students in December
  • Meet with counselor to discuss your post-secondary plans
  • Register for SAT/ACT ( or
  • Attend Bucknell and Luzerne County Community College Fairs (October)
  • Explore potential careers
  • Pathway electives

Junior Year – Spring

  • Make an appointment with your counselor
  • Register for SAT/ACT
  • Explore potential careers
  • Research a variety of colleges
  • Make arrangements to tour college campuses
  • Talk to teachers about writing recommendations

Summer before Senior Year

  • Tour/visit college campuses

Senior Year – Fall

  • Finalize a comprehensive list of schools
  • Early decision/Early action candidates see your counselor (September/October)
  • Attend College Fair (October)
  • Prepare applications – Many students are applying online at
  • Visit with teachers who are writing recommendations for you
  • Visit counselor to review the application process and transcript release procedure

Senior Year – Winter

  • Finacial Aid forms need to be completed
  • Stay on track! Do NOT let your grades slide!!!

Senior Year – Spring

  • Decisions from colleges arrive throughout the Spring
  • Weigh options and select a college
Post-Secondary Action Plan
  1. Self Assessment Results: What self-assessments (COPS, ASVAB, Holland Code) have you taken and how have they contributed to your career goals?
  2. What are 2 of my best career matches based on my interests, abilities, and personality.
  3. Career Exploration:  What career exploration activities have you participated in and how have they contributed to your career goals? (Job shadowing, internship, work experience, Career Investigation Project, Career/College Research Project)
  4. Short Term Career Goals: What do you plan to do during the summer and fall of 2015 and how will this have an impact on your career goals?
  5. One Year Career Goals:  In the year following your graduation, what would you like to accomplish? (get a specific job, get promoted, finish training, join a club, travel, continue education, etc).  
    1. How will your one-year goals help you achieve your career goals?
  6. Three Year Career Goals:  By 2018, what would you like to accomplish toward your ultimate career goal?
    1. How will your three-year goals help you reach your career goals?
  7. Long Term Career Goals:  By 2020, your career goal is…
  8. Barriers to Meeting My Goals
    1. Certain barriers may make it difficult for you to reach my goals (young children, job loss, money problems, job market, etc.).   How would you deal with these barriers so you can reach your goals?